Rapid Response Case Studies

Rapid Response Case Studies


We have had experience working with our clients to resolve emergency events that require a rapid response.


Emergency response projects require out-of-the-box approaches to provide the most efficient and cost-effective solutions. In both cases, the client had limited isolation options. We were able to provide experienced personnel to determine an appropriate plan and execute utilising our unique and extensive product and service range.

Challenge 1

A gas leak on an existing steel line with a corrosion defect near a steel elbow.

Solution 1

We worked closely with existing contractors on-site to bring the service back online. This was achieved through the excavation of the compromised line, welding and pressure testing of saddles, hot tapping, and bag isolation to allow line repair.

Result 1

Our ability to respond with a quick set-up and excavation reduced the overall downtime, and our specialised isolations removed the need for additional nitrogen purging of the 14kms stretch of pipeline. This tailored response resulted in significant cost savings in the order of $700k to $1M.

Challenge 2

A passing DN630 valve stopped the client’s installation contractor from performing the final tie-in weld for a newly installed pipeline.

Solution 2

This scope required the use of specialist secondary bag isolation and monitoring for an extended period as the golden weld did not pass the Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD) test. This allowed a subsequent cut out to be performed and repaired with new golden welds. The bag was then removed, and the newly installed line was commissioned.

Result 2

Our methodology allowed completion of work and tie-in of a line that would have been otherwise stranded.

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