Gas Re-injection Module (GRM)

Gas Reinjection Module (GRM)

We work closely with our clients and business partners to give them the tools needed to reduce fugitive emissions before legislative requirements implement targets and deadlines that will escalate costs and interruptions to operations.

The IntelliGas solar-powered Gas Re-injection Module (GRM) is easily integrated with our proprietary AHPVs to provide complete system containment, allowing for otherwise vented gas to be re-injected directly into the gas pipeline at any given pressure. The GRM functionality includes data collection of re-injected gas providing valuable data into the function of connected assets. Our Gas Re-injection Module offers:

  • Gas monitoring and reporting
  • Resource recovery & strengthened reputation
  • AHPV integration
  • Power – solar panels / battery storage
  • Remote monitoring
  • Options for larger capacity
  • Cost-effective/ efficient – Gas recovery and Government Greenhouse Incentives

Product advantages:

  • Australian made – local Brisbane based company
  • High-reliability components
  • Modular and portable
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Remote monitoring
  • Coal Seam Gas specific designed with a 15-year life expectancy
  • Capability to handle large positive and negative pressure differentials between gas and water pipelines.
  • Solar-powered with battery storage (flexible battery storage options available)

Our Vision

  • Gas (fugitive) emissions reduction – Decarbonisation
  • Simplicity and reliability – Innovative
  • Modular and portable – Ease of installation
  • Fit for purpose – Meeting client and community expectations

Data Collection

  • Data includes pressure, gas pumped/ collected, operating time, AHPV actuation monitoring system
  • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) can be optioned to facilitate cellular network-enabled reading from a client portal and/or local wi-fi unit to allow remote access.


  • Supplied with 2 x 250-Watt solar panels and 2 x 145Ah 12V batteries up to 3-day operation without solar charging (subject to duty factor, and water and gas pipeline pressures).
  • Additional solar panels and battery backup can be optioned for locations with high power consumption or remote areas where access can be difficult.
  • Other alternative power options – enquire for further information

Gas Flow Rate

  • Standard model*- capacity 30,000 std litres/day (100% duty factor)
  • Larger systems available (in conjunction with AHPV modifications) for increased gas throughput.

*Based on inlet pressure of 1.5 barg/ 150 kPa.

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