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We have dedicated teams providing our clients with innovative solutions and services spanning subsurface engineering through to upstream operations, repair, and maintenance. We work alongside our clients to tackle the everyday challenges of asset operation supporting our products. We utilise our experienced local personnel to provide integrated, efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable service with minimal impact to operators and production.


Wellhead Compression (WHC)


Automatic High Point Vent (AHPV)


iLift™ Intelligent Gas Lift Systems

GRM zoomed out

Gas Re-injection Module (GRM)

HC-AHPV RENDER Australian Made wide

High Capacity Automatic High Point Vent (HC-AHPV)

Relationship With Fornovo Gas

Since our partnership with Fornovo Gas began in 2015, we have forged a strong relationship, due to their leading biogas compatible, dry lubricated compressors.

These top-of-the line compressors are perfect for CSG applications providing a solution to the oil contamination, noise and reliability issues previously hindering the feasibility of WHC.