Wellhead Compression (WHC)

Wellhead Compression (WHC)

IntelliGas, a nationwide “Exclusive” Australian packager of Fornovo Gas Compressors.
These compressors are proven in low-pressure, wet applications such as bio-gas and Coal Seam Methane (CSM). Featuring uniquely dry lubricated reciprocating piston arrangement.

Offering a turn-key operation, we install, commission, and maintain to enhance production, minimise emissions and reduce costs across the energy sector.

Our people have the experience to understand the importance of complete well extraction for maximum return on investment. During the life of a Gas well, pressure differences between the wellhead and gathering network may result in reduced production and the loss of a considerable percentage of unrecovered residual gas.

IntelliGas provide targeted and cost-effective gas recovery through wellhead compression, reducing wellhead pressure (production uplift of 30%+).

The mobile containerised design offers rapid, low-cost deployment and relocation in response to varying network production rates and pressures.

Features and Benefits

  • Local inventory and field support
  • Simple operations and maintenance
  • High turndown ability
  • Overcome gathering system bottlenecks
  • Low noise
  • Avoid oil contamination with non-lubricated/ dry-lubricated compressor heads
  • Minimal vibration due to the dynamically balanced compressor
  • Nominal flow rates of 500 to 1000 Sm3/h (0.5 to 0.9 TJ/day) @ 50kPa suction
  • Available in a range of motor sizes (45 to 110 kW)
  • Compression ratios up to 3.5:1 single-stage and 11:1 two-stage
  • Integrated supplementary cooling and chilling to achieve low-temperature gas discharge

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