iLift™ Intelligent Gas Lift Systems


A fully-integrated Oil and Gas production solution.

iLift™, a unique product and service developed to increase well availability, significantly reduce well workovers, minimise the flowing bottom hole pressure and increase recoverable reserves.

  • A proprietary well-unloading system utilising High-Density Compressed Natural Gas (HDCNG®), reducing surface production infrastructure scale and cost.
  • Operational stand-alone unit, the iLift™ system is independent of the central facility even where gas is not readily available.
  • Reduced risk of in-well failures and costly workovers due to the elimination of all mechanical and consumable components from the production well.
  • Integrated with advanced controls and operating systems for reliable autonomous and remote operation

This system is suited to multi-well pads inclusive of multiple deviated or horizontal production wells for maximum benefit through shared surface infrastructure.

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