High Capacity Automatic High Point Vent (HC-AHPV)

High Capacity Automatic High Point Vent

The HC-AHPV is designed to manage the water and gas separation at the well site skid. Enabling operators to reduce build and design costs on varying well site skid designs due to high efficiency and reliability.

Similar in design to the standard AHPV, the unit is designed to manage solid handling, high pressure -high flow, low pressure-low flow, high differential pressures and low maintenance features.

The design provides operators with confidence in long term function without the need for costly ongoing intervention.

  • Proprietary vent mechanism ensures consistent and intermittent venting
  • Optional Cleaning features reducing operator intervention
  • Interchangeable filtration unit for inline components (e.g. coal fines)
  • Available in carbon steel, Stainless steel components
  • Compliant with B31.3 and ASME standards
  • Available in Class #150 and #600

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