AHPV Field Trial Case Study

AHPV Field Trial Case Study


In response to the need for improved reliability and assurance, IntelliGas developed a proprietary Automatic High Point Vent (AHPV). Our design tackles common challenges associated with traditional HPVs (from the water utility industry) to provide a Coal Seam Gas specific alternative.


Malfunctioning HPVs result in gas pockets blocking water pipelines. The traditional HPVs are unable to operate effectively due to the presence of swarf, oils, and coal fines that can cause vent blockages, vent failure, and potential Loss of Containment (LoC).


HPVs are required to perform consistently under highly variable conditions (lifetime, shutdowns, and isolations). IntelliGas AHPVs deliver consistent and uninterrupted venting by including protective mechanisms such as secondary failsafe valve, separation and filtration of inline components, automatic flushing, corrosion-resistant materials, and removal of above-ground carbon steel components. These purpose-built components allow the AHPV to operate effectively to equalise overall line pressure and provide increased network efficiency, and a guarantee of protection against any LoC.


We provided our client with a reliable, low cost and low-maintenance product to replace the malfunctioning traditional HPVs bottlenecking the operation of their network.


The result was improved production. The client has committed to exclusive ongoing replacements of brownfield HPVs and installation into greenfield projects.

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