Rapid Response Services

Rapid Response Services

Operators have a legislative requirement to ensure compliance with varying codes of practice regarding “operational readiness” for an emergency event.

This requires Operators to have specific engineering documentation for isolations, de-commissioning, handling of contaminants, etc, and a crew(s) “in a state of readiness”. A crew must be competent and possess the appropriate equipment for any emergency event.

We recognise this can be extremely stressful for both Operators and their teams. We have the technical competency and process experience to be “field ready”.

We generate specific client documentation, develop specialist resolution strategies to reduce costs, and bring assets back online quickly and efficiently. Our field response teams ensure execution of the agreed strategy to minimise loss of production.

Unique strategies may include but are not limited to;

  • IntelliWRAP and STOPAQ pipe repair systems
  • Specialist isolations
  • Punch Tap swarf-free hot tapping
  • Decommissioning

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