Riser Integrity Management Case Study

Riser Integrity Management Case Study


Brownfields contain many risers in various condition exposed to the elements and experiencing unknown corrosion rates leading to operational issues.


We were engaged by our client to assess over 1000 risers in one of their fields to develop a priority-based maintenance and repair schedule to reduce costs and improve operation efficiency and safety.


Our teams were able to follow the resulting maintenance schedule to repair the high priority risers with on-site refurbishment of existing HPVs, bristle blasting surface preparation and repainting.

We also installed strainers to some of the risers to mitigate ingress of coal fines into the HPV’s which were leading to operational issues / leaks / loss of containments.


The client gained visibility of the condition of their assets including prioritisation of maintenance to reduce the risk of asset failure.


We have been engaged to conduct further inspections and rectification across other fields and an expanded scope to include tank inspection and repair.

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