HDCNG® Pigging Case Study

High Density Compressed Natural Gas (HDCNG®) Pigging


Our Client had a low flow and low-pressure pipeline that needed to be swabbed clean of water and debris using a pigging tool, followed by launching and propelling an inspection pig train (smart pig).


Due to the poor flow rate from the existing well, the pig or pig train could not be propelled down the pipeline.


The In-Line integrity inspection Survey of 4km of DN150 Carbon Steel pipeline was conducted utilising IntelliGas HDCNG® proprietary modular refueling and storage facility.


The use of HDCNG® eliminated the need for the pipeline to be taken offline and purged with an inert gas such as nitrogen which is time-consuming, expensive, and results in gas emission.


Completion of the integrity inspection survey with no loss to production maintained operational efficiency and overall reduced cost.

HDCNG - Pigging

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